3 Tips For Buying The Perfect Rug

Purchasing a handmade rug is an investment! If you're anything like me, you want to be 100% sure you're investing in the right piece. Here's how we help clients choose the perfect rug for their home👇

1. Style: Go to your favorite inspirational platform like Instagram or Pinterest. Start "saving" or "pinning" things that you like. Once you've gathered several photos, you'll be able to start seeing trends in what you saved. Look at your top 3 favorites: What color rugs are they using? Are there solids or patterns? 

2. Budget: Determine what makes sense for you at this moment. If you're looking to refresh your space without purchasing all new furniture, a vintage rug is a great option! We often work with designers that are renovating an entire house, so they use a client's budget on only one or two vintage rugs. We also have clients that are ready to invest in the floor art for their entire home. Just consider what makes sense for you.  

3. Sizing: Bigger is always better! We're always here to help you determine appropriate sizes with your space and furniture.

Style, budget and size are key things to consider when investing in any home decor. If you would like to utilize any of our interior decorating services, we'd love to hear from you at hello@knoteyerugs.com

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