Vintage rugs, how did that happen?

If you’ve just stumbled upon our shop, hoş geldiniz (welcome). 


Knot Eye Rugs really began like all great love stories… in a land far far away. 

Well, not that far away for me. As a dual citizen, I grew up with my feet between two worlds. My father spent the summers immersing us in Turkey: the culture, the cuisine and the views. The other part of the year, I was a typical teenager explaining why we had carpets hanging on the walls and translating my Dad’s broken English. 

After graduating from Virginia Commonwealth University, I found myself working in textiles with a women’s cooperative in Tanzania. I certainly got the Wanderlust Gene from my father and followed every opportunity. Fun fact: Swahili is my fourth language. When I exited the East African marketplace, I felt a void. Running a design-focused small business gave me so much purpose!

One day I had one of those lightbulb moments - I already have a collection of handmade Turkish rugs. Why not curate beautiful collections of vintage rugs for others to enjoy? Why not share this beautiful part of my culture with my circle? So I created an Instagram all about rugs @KnotEyeRugs 


Since the start of Knot Eye Rugs, we have seen many moons of growth. 

For the first few years, we stuck to selling through Instagram DMs. We now have this website and do local pop ups frequently. We now serve designers, homeowners and even brides. 

My father moved back home to Istanbul and helps source rugs for me. He’s the real “boots on the ground”.

I’ve continued my education, something I somehow never really stop doing. I became a Certified Interior Decorator in 2019. And my MBA is currently loading… 

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