Quality + Care

These vintage rugs are handmade to last for centuries with very little maintenance. As you begin to invest in these pieces, it is important to not be afraid to use them in high traffic areas! Why invest in something that you don’t get to show off? We are not for that. 

So when it comes to caring for your vintage rugs we advice all of our clients to follow something similar to the below:

  1. Sweep your rug with your broom. Shake it outside every so often. Avoid over vacuuming your vintage rug. It certainly does not need to be vacuumed daily.
  2. If you decide to vacuum your rug, we suggest turning the beater bar off! These rugs are handmade and very durable, but there is no need to beat them with a machine. If you are inclined to vacuum, please consider using suction only. 
  3. If you’re little ones or grown ups drop food on your rug you can simply spot clean. With a paper towel (or cloth #sustainability) use room temperature water to blot the mark/stain. If you feel you need a little more than water to get the stain out, try using clear dish soap or organic baby shampoo on the cloth to aid in the blotting.
  4. For large investments, we particularly recommend professionally cleaning once a year. Do research on the top oriental rug cleaners in your area. Be sure to ask the cleaner to clean the corner of the rug/ back side of the rug before attacking the entire rug. This is a precaution to be sure that the chemicals they are using are not harmful and that the natural dyes in the rug will not bleed. If you want to be extra cautious, you can request the cleaners use less chemicals and more natural alternatives such as vinegar and water instead.